5 Reasons to Host a Corporate Event

People often ask me, “What do events have to do with marketing?” And I can’t help but answer, “Everything!” 

Marketing is about making your business known by getting your name out there, making connections, and leaving an impression.

One of the best ways of accomplishing this is to host an event your guests will remember!

Here we have the top five reasons you should host a corporate event, and how they benefit your business.

5 Reasons to Host a Corporate Event

1. Make Connections

Block parties, carnivals, art crawls, open houses—these public events create the opportunity for more people to discover your business, and for you to connect with more prospects (or with existing clients and partners). 

Marketing your upcoming event can get your business out in front of people in a fun, intriguing way that doesn’t feel like marketing. More people will think, “Who is this company, what is this event, and how can I be part of the action?” 

Updates about the event can promote more traffic to your website (a huge win in itself!) but following through with a successful event is where the real magic happens. 

Think about the year 2020. The dreaded quarantine. The ache to see family and friends and to just be together. 

Humans need personal interaction. Shaking hands, sharing a meal, enjoying live music together—all contribute to building trust between you and potential clients. 

2. Show Appreciation

Perhaps a big event that’s open to the public isn’t your speed. That’s totally understandable. What you don’t want to miss out on are the connections. 

Connecting with your clients, customers, donors, and (especially) your employees is hugely important to the health of your business! 

Everyone likes to be appreciated. Throwing a smaller, invite-only event can be the perfect way to give back to a particular group in a big way. 

When you say “thank you” to those who make your business what it is, they are more likely to continue to support you. 

Let’s face it: It takes a village to raise a business. You wouldn’t have gotten far without those very important people, so let them know how you feel about them!

3. Celebrate Milestones

If you have a milestone coming up, it’s a great opportunity to share your news with the world.

From grand openings to anniversaries, people love to be part of the celebration! 

Maybe you’d like to introduce a new staff member, bid a retiree farewell, or celebrate your company’s 50th year in business. 

No matter the occasion, no matter the size, a social event is a great way to celebrate the growth and changes in your business as a community. 

Milestone celebrations combine the effort to show appreciation and make connections with people inside and outside of your business. You get to decide if you want to celebrate with the entire neighborhood or just keep it between you and the office. 

4. Demonstrate Your Expertise

Sometimes it’s best to get in front of people and say, “Hey, we’re the best at what we do, and here’s why!” 

It’s possible for people to know your name and see your billboards and social media posts without really knowing who you are or what you do.

Showcase yourself!

If you have a solution that you know people would benefit from if they only knew you were the expert, then get out in front of them and show them what they’re missing! 

Here are a few ideas for how to demonstrate your expertise: 

  • Offer “lunch and learns” for people to learn about your skills
  • Host an open mic night for fellow business owners to share their stories
  • Offer an open house for people to meet your staff or try out your products

5. Plan Something “Good”

Partnering with local charities, social services, and nonprofits is an amazing way to use your powers for good

To start, think about your mission statement. How does your business impact the customers you serve? Is there a connection that you can make that uses your company’s expertise to create a better community and a better world? 

A great example: Food Rescue Hero builds software to help city-wide foodbanks redistribute food to those in need—quickly and efficiently. Late last year, they hosted a conference to help their partners connect and share their best operational tips. It was a huge hit, and we had the honor of lending support!

Whatever you can offer—a space for a fundraiser to take place, the materials to build or make something for the community, or a platform for people to be heard—your business can do more than just pay your bills.

Donating your time and talent is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. 

Whatever you decide to do, do it for Good. 

Start Planning Your Next Corporate Event

Do you have an idea for an event, but you’re not sure how to get started? Visit our events page for inspiration, and contact us to find out how we can help you plan, budget, and coordinate your next event. Contact me directly at 412-980-0461 or regina@poeticamarketing.com.