Hi, I'm Pat.

Writer. Marketer. Fierce music critic.


I'm also the founder of Poetica Marketing.

And I'm here to help your business thrive. 

"Poetica Marketing has generated the exposure and resources we need to reach a niche demographic throughout the year so that we can be extra profitable during our busy season."

-John Guerrini, 

Owner of Omega FX


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About Poetica Marketing


Passion. Results. Metrics. They're the driving forces behind Poetica Marketing. Nothing is done without strategy, and no strategy is crafted without goals.

As a former Editor-in-Chief in Philadelphia and an Account Director at a downtown Pittsburgh marketing agency, I'm uniquely equipped to accelerate small and medium business growth.

How? Through a customized-just-for-you blend

of social media and content strategy. If you need something I can't provide, I'll recommend someone who can!

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