Industries We Love

At Poetica Marketing, we’ve dug deep into a variety of industries, empowering us to offer unique perspectives and insights for every client we work with

Here’s a small taste of the industries where we excel:

Real Estate

From mortgage lenders to real estate agents and investors, we’ve worked with a wide range of professionals and companies throughout the real estate industry.


An Elegant Event Coordinated On A Small Budget and Timeline

A real estate investment company envisioned a grand night out with their favorite partners and clients, but they had a limited budget for food, drinks, and entertainment and they only had a small window of time to pull it off. Working together, we found an excellent blend of location, catering, and entertainment—and we enhanced the night even further with custom lighting and elegant branded party favors.

Music & Entertainment

We love music—and we love working with people who make and sell music. From online record stores to small bands to wedding entertainers, we help individuals in the music industry succeed.


Record-Breaking Sales With A 100% Organic Social Media Campaign

As an online record store approached its second anniversary, leadership wanted to replicate the success of the company’s one-year anniversary sale—without investing in expensive digital advertising. Poetica Marketing orchestrated an entirely organic social media campaign that resulted in record-breaking sales, outpacing their previous one-day record by a whopping 76%!

Small Businesses

We love working with small businesses because they’re often a hotbed of ingenuity and innovation. We help scrappy businesses stand out by expanding their reach with engaging content and clever marketing tactics.


Rural Business Attracts So Many Customers, It Runs Out of Space In Its Parking Lot

A small haunted attraction in a rural community 50 miles from the nearest major city struggled to attract customers during the October haunt season. Under Poetica Marketing’s recommendation, the attraction co-hosted an on-site Halloween festival, drawing a record number of customers for the season and even leading to (quickly resolved) spacing issues in their parking lot!

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