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The Strategic Marketer

Hi, I’m Pat!

As a marketer, journalist, and author (download The Strategic Marketer here) I’ve personally written and published thousands of SEO-driven blogs, meticulously researched articles, authoritative white papers, compelling web pages, informative brochures, and much more over the course of my career.

Now, you can unlock that same experience and expertise for your company. 

After all, our love for language is in our name. “Poetica Marketing” comes from the phrase “Ars Poetica,” which translates to “The Art of Poetry” or “The Art of Language!”

Expert Copywriting Services

Unlock Copywriting Services For:

  • SEO-Driven Blogs
  • Compelling Landing Pages
  • Conversion-Focused Web Pages
  • Exciting Email Blasts
  • Authoritative E-Books
  • Share-Worthy Social Media Posts
  • And more!

Industries Where We Excel

We have an extensive experience in a wide variety of disciplines and industries, including:

  • Real Estate
  • Health Care
  • Video Games
  • Education
  • Live Events & Entertainment 
  • Industrial Componentry
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Music
  • Law 
  • Restaurants
  • Special Effects
  • IT Security
  • Software Development 
  • And more!

If you don’t fit into one of those categories, that’s OK! There’s a good chance we could still become an excellent fit!

Pittsburgh Copywriting Services
Pat Schober Holding The Strategic Marketer

Our 3 Copywriting Promises

At Poetica Marketing, we promise to always:

1. Capture Your Voice (Or we’ll help you develop one!)

2. Hit Every Single Deadline (We’ve never missed one!)

3. Edit Our Copy Until It’s Perfect (And our clients often find one round of revisions is enough!)

You deserve a go-to copywriter you can trust to consistently deliver on your deadlines—and that’s exactly what we aim for!

Our Copywriting Case Studies

Copywriting Case Study 1: 580% Increase In Site Traffic

When a local wedding musician wanted to test out blogging, we developed a multi-month strategy and got to work researching, writing, and publishing new content. By the end of our campaign a few months later, we’d successfully increased monthly site traffic by 580% (which led to a flurry of new leads)! 

Copywriting Case Study 2: 25 Leads In 24 Hours

For our side brand (Monster Riff), we developed a white paper to help metal bands with their marketing. With each download, we send the band through a marketing funnel. In one day, we spurred 25 leads—from a single social media post! (Learn More Here)

Copywriting Case Study 3: 100% Increase In Impressions In 3 Months

A client in the events business came to us because they were frustrated by their previous agency’s blogs and SEO performance. We developed a new content plan with a two-pronged attack: enhance their page copy and begin writing thoughtful, well-researched new blogs. The result: We’ve seen a 100% increase in daily Google impressions within the first three months—and we’re continuing to improve every day! 


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