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The Strategic Marketer

Generate leads—without lifting a finger. 

With a robust SEO strategy, your website transforms into 24/7 salesperson, pulling in new organic traffic and pushing those site visitors into sales funnels that convert them into paying customers. 


At Poetica Marketing, we specialize in crafting thoughtful, holistic, results-driven SEO strategies that quickly result in greater visibility and increased leads—while always following Google-approved SEO techniques!

Pittsburgh SEO Services

Our strategic SEO services are perfect for generating:

  • Increased Visibility
  • Increased Site Traffic
  • Increased Leads
  • Increased Sales
  • Improved Site Data

Industries Where We Excel

With more than 10 years of content experience, we’ve touched a wide variety of industries, including: 

  • Real Estate
  • Health Care
  • Video Games
  • Education
  • Live Events & Entertainment 
  • Industrial Componentry
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Music
  • Law 
  • Restaurants
  • Special Effects
  • IT Security
  • Software Development 
  • And more!

Even if you’re a small business with only one or two employees, we can develop a robust strategy that fits your needs—and generates real results!

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Our SEO Case Studies

SEO Case Study 1: 580% Increase In Site Traffic

A local wedding musician wanted to test out blogging, so we developed a multi-month content strategy that closely paralleled the buyer’s journey of his most common customers. Within a few months, he saw a 580% increase in monthly site traffic—and a flurry of new leads! 

SEO Case Study 2: 100% Increase In Impressions In 3 Months

A Pittsburgh events company approached us because they were frustrated with their previous agency. We developed a new SEO strategy that fixed the problems of their website pages while generating new, well-researched blog posts. We’ve seen a 100% increase in daily Google impressions within the first three months—and they’re continuing to improve every day! 

SEO Case Study 3: Small Business Regularly Outranks Major Companies

A small music website strove to outrank major industry players like Pitchfork, Vice, and Rolling Stone. By consistently publishing meticulously researched and SEO-focused blogs, this website has consistently beaten such major players for its target keyphrases.


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