Vimeo Could Ruin Your Marketing Efforts, But It Might Be Better Than YouTube

For all of the traffic YouTube receives on a daily basis (about 30 million visits a day), you'd think it was the absolute king of video platforms.

Not quite.

Although it's far behind in second place, Vimeo is still the 299th most popular website in the United States, pulling in an estimated 116 million visits a month (about 3.7 million visits a day).

That sort of traffic is only 12% of what YouTube pulls in, but the fact remains that some people and businesses simply prefer Vimeo over YouTube.

And although YouTube is immensely popular, there are plenty of reasons to rail against it: persistent ads, aggressive commenters, limited customization options—the list goes on and on.

But for every reason to not like YouTube, there’s another one sucking in marketers and business owners. With 2 billion users worldwide, 62% of businesses actively use YouTub to post content and 90% of consumers say they have discovered new brands and products on the platform. Plus, YouTube has received heaps of praise from marketers trying to reach targeted audiences.

So, with so much fanfare going toward YouTube, why are businesses still using Vimeo?

The Case Against Vimeo

First, let’s discuss some of the reasons why so many businesses choose YouTube over Vimeo.

1. Reach. Vimeo only brings in about a tenth of the traffic YouTube enjoys.

As a result, the chances of someone simply happening upon your video is lower than if it existed on YouTube.

Google also favors YouTube videos in the search results, which isn’t surprising when you remember that YouTube is owned by Google.

According to research from the Wall Street Journal, Google prioritizes YouTube videos even when the same video received better engagement and a larger number of views on a different platform.