How to Appear In Google Discover: Creating Content For Your Audience to Find

As I’ve mentioned before, I run an underground rock blog when I’m not busy with Poetica Marketing.

And although it’s designed to pull in as much organic traffic from Google as possible, I was surprised to uncover two major surges in traffic for two recent articles.

There hadn’t been larger-than-usual fanfare when I shared the articles on social media.

And none of my music industry friends had shared the article on their websites—or at least they hadn’t told me so.

They also weren't written around extremely high-volume search terms.

Still, there it was in the site traffic report: two new articles that towered over the rest.

Curious, I popped into Google Search Console and found the source of the sudden bump: Google Discover.

What Is Google Discover?

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Discover by name, you’re probably familiar with Google Discover in practice.

When you open up Google on your phone to search for something, Google Discover is all of those alluring images and links right below the search bar.

Google Discover Example
Source: Google

Google describes it as a “highly personalized feed”—and it is. The content within Google Discover is generated based on your search and browsing habits, as well as the topics and places you “follow.”