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Digital Marketing Recommendations From 3 Pittsburgh Professionals: On SEO, Instagram, and Wed Design

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a variety of talented professionals throughout the Pittsburgh community. All told, I enjoyed three illuminating conversations with:

  • Dorit Sasson - SEO Specialist

  • Dominique Murray - Photographer and Instagram Expert

  • Sky Stover - Web Designer and Developer

I’ve combed through our conversations to pull out some of their best bits of wisdom.

SEO Facts From Dorit Sasson

During my interview with Dorit Sasson, we explored some of the best ways to improve your website’s SEO performance. Interestingly, much of your success comes from your mindset and the execution of your content creation—not your budget for technical SEO.

Here are my three favorite tidbits from my conversation with SEO Specialist Dorit Sasson:

1. Your SEO strategy is more important than your SEO budget. As Dorit eloquently puts it, SEO success is about “how big your brain is.” You can spend a small fortune having an agency manage your SEO performance, but your spend is worthless if their strategy isn’t focused on long-term results.

2. Competing for low-volume search terms can be extremely impactful. Going after highly competitive and high-volume keywords is a difficult strategy because of how much competition you’ll face. Instead, focusing on long-tail keywords with less search traffic can help you secure traffic from qualified visitors.

3. You can use your social media accounts to inform your content strategy. Dorit points out that your social media accounts often provide a clear view of what your followers really care about. Once you determine what they respond to (through likes, comments, shares, and messages), you can incorporate that information within your content strategy.

Instagram Tips From Dominique Murray

In my interview with Dominique Murray, we explored the best ways to build your Instagram presence through outstanding content.

Here are my favorite pointers from social media buff Dominique Murray:

1. Understanding the entire platform is essential. Dominique mentions a simple metaphor for understanding the Instagram platform: Think of your Instagram as a book. Your username is the title, and every post in your feed is the content within that book. Your Stories are the About Me section and IGTV works as the section of supplemental chapters in the back of your book.

2. Crafting great Instagram content often takes time. To create really enticing videos and stunning photography on Instagram, be ready to sink a few hours into it. We deconstructed a series of posts from Dominique’s feed to better understand her process from start to finish.

3. Remaining consistent in your post quality and frequency can assist in grabbing more followers. As Dominique explains, a messy Instagram feed can turn followers away, stunting your growth on the platform.

Website Guidance From Sky Stover

During my conversation with web designer Sky Stover, we touched on some common website issues and examined just how much responsibility a business owner should have in the maintenance of their website.

My three favorite bits of advice from Sky were:

1. Even today, companies frequently launch websites with significant design mistakes. These common mistakes include:

  • Non-mobile-friendly design

  • Non-responsive design

  • Big sliders that compete for the visitor’s attention

2. For best results (especially when it comes to conversions), make your site about the visitor. Focus on the value you can generate for the visitor and talk to them directly. Don’t fall into the trap of talking about yourself.

3. Do your homework before committing to a web dev/designer. To find someone who can truly support your business, make sure you find someone who:

  • is fluent in your primary language (web design is complicated enough without a language barrier!)

  • has good reviews from past clients

  • has a portfolio of websites that are designed well and load quickly

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