An Interview With Sky Stover: What Business Owners Should Know About Websites

Sky Stover is the owner of Sky Stover Web Design & Internet Marketing, a company that helps small businesses establish and grow their brands.

I love Sky's story. Her life as an entrepreneur really began with the desire to buy her own drum set at 12 years old. A deal she made with her step-dad helped her realize that she could blaze her own path in life, and her experience as a scrappy pre-teen eventually led her to a career in web design.

I sat down with Sky to hear more about her background and to see what business owners and entrepreneurs should think about when it comes to building and maintaining their websites.

A Conversation With Sky Stover

Patrick Schober: Give us a little more background on you and your experience. What types of businesses do you typically work with?

Sky Stover: I primarily work with solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. And by “small” I mean people with just a few employees. If we're going to niche it down further, I work with coaches and women who are speakers and consultants—businesses that are very education/information-based. That’s where about 60%-70% of my clients are at this point.

Patrick Schober: Talk to me about the projects you typically take on. Do you work on full site builds, for example?

Sky Stover: It’s a mixture. There are two typical ways of working with me. I do help people with full website projects. In these cases, they often start from scratch because they don’t have a website or their site is so bad that they need to completely redo it.

Then there’s the other side of my business, which includes membership programs. That's where people are getting regular maintenance help. I'm doing security monitoring, I’m helping to maintain the site and make any necessary cosmetic changes. They might need a new sales page or a lead page. That sort of thing.

Those two areas are where most of my business comes from, but I also have a few custom development projects where I’ve built portals and stuff like that.

Sky Stover On Her First Business

Patrick Schober: I do want to talk about the advice you have for entrepreneurs in a moment, but your background is so interesting that I want to spend a little more time on that first. You started your first business as a child, right?