6 Facts About The First Page of Google To Know in 2021

The latest round of major Google core updates sent some companies into a traffic tailspin, as they had no choice but to watch in horror as their search traffic suddenly plummeted.

For some companies, the results weren’t nearly that bad. In fact, some actually saw nice boosts in traffic than before!

If you’re outside of the industry, the frantic worry and elated celebrations may seem like an overreaction, but these emotions are 100% justified.

Although Google might turn its nose at being labeled a “monopoly,” it certainly has established itself as the world’s go-to search engine.

As such, ranking on the first page for a specific search phrase can generate significant traffic—especially if you’ve secured the featured snippet or the top organic spot.

With the first page being so treasured, we’re taking a close look at some of the most important metrics to understand about the first page of Google.

Important Facts About the First Page of Google

Here’s what you should know about Google’s search results:

1. The #1 result in Google gets approximately 32% of all clicks.

This one is pretty self-explanatory: If you’re in the top spot, you’ll likely get 32% of all clicks for that specific search phrase.

Why it matters: The lower you show up, the less likely you are to get traffic. In fact, the first slot is 10 times more likely to receive traffic versus the link in the 10th spot.

2. When looking for a local service or product, 92% of Google users pick a business on the first page.

For most companies in the United States (those that are largely limited to doing business in a confined geographical location), local SEO is key to growing business over time.

Competing locally instead of globally makes your work significantly easier—and Google users who are in search of your products and services are likely to use you.

Why it matters: If your company can’t compete for short-tail keywords (like “shoes” or “office supplies”), aim for long-tail local keywords, like “women’s dress shoes in Milwaukee” or “best office supplies in Milwaukee.”

This will improve your chances of capturing local buyers ready to do business with you.