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August 30, 2019

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Can You Show Two Google Doc Pages Side By Side? Here Are 5 Solutions

December 30, 2019

Google Docs is a wonderful tool. It's cloud based, which means you can access your documents from anywhere. It's powerful, so it has almost all the functionality you would need from your typical word processor. It's collaboration-friendly, so it's easy to share with team members and clients and alike. 


But it's not perfect. 


While working inside a Google Doc recently, I tired of scrolling up and down between two sections to view related material. I had a thought: Can I view two Google Doc pages side by side so I don't need to scroll? 


After a quick Google search, the answer I found was disappointing: Nope. Google Docs doesn't currently offer that functionality. 


Fortunately for you, we have some workarounds.


Google Doc Solutions

If you're dying to avoid incessant scrolling, here are some solutions to the two-Google-Doc-pages-side-by-side conundrum:


1. Turn your screen vertically. One of our partners loves to use a vertical monitor so he can view more copy at once. He can often see multiple pages at once, giving him better insight into content structure with a quick glance. 


2. Use Microsoft Word. This isn't a perfect solution, but it is one: Switch to Microsoft Word. If you don't like working in Word, copy and paste your content into a new Word document, make your edits, and then copy and paste it back into your Google Doc. Make sure to keep formatting when pasting!


3. Use two windows of the same document. We actually found this as an answer recommended by a Google representative inside a Google forum. This solution works better if you have a wide screen that can comfortably accommodate two different windows beside each other. 


4. Zoom out. You'll need good eyes for this tip, but zooming out will let you see more content at once. 


5. Use anchor links. In case you're unfamiliar: An anchor link is when you hyperlink a section of text within your document to take you to another section of the document. For example, you can hyperlink each header in your table of contents to jump you to their corresponding sections. 


Here's an example:



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