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August 30, 2019

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3 Facebook Ad Targeting Options You Didn't Know You Had

February 14, 2019

Facebook is an information giant. That's great news for marketers, as we can pinpoint the exact audience we want to reach. 


And, boy, does Facebook help us drill down. If you can think of a distinguishing characteristic, there's a good chance Facebook's made an option to target it. 


With that in mind, here are three powerful targeting options you probably didn't know you had:


1. People Who Responded to an Event

You created an event on Facebook last month for a block party your company hosted a week ago. 2,000 people clicked Interested in the event. 


When it's most useful: If someone is interested in an event you're throwing, they're invested in your brand. These are people who are willing to leave their homes in order to interact with you. This makes them a great audience to test new products and services on—and they could also be a good resource for finding brand evangelists. 


2. People on the Move

Business travelers, expats, folks who moved to your town recently—Facebook's got them. 


When it's most useful: When you're offering products focused on convenience or providing local information. If you're anywhere near the hospitality industry, these are good demographics for you to consider targeting on Facebook. 


3. People Using Different Types of Technology

Operating systems, browser, mobile device brand—all of its possible. So, if you wanted to target people who are less tech savvy, you might target those using Internet Explorer or Windows Vista. 


When it's most useful: You can tell a lot about an individual by the type of technology they use. Better yet, this information becomes invaluable in achieving that "This ad was made just for me!" factor. 


For instance, say you're building awareness for your new Google Chrome plugin. You could target Google Chrome users with ad copy along the lines of "Unlock Google Chrome's true potential" to intrigue Chrome users.


Conversely, you could target Firefox users and write, "It's worth switching to Chrome for." 


Thoughtful, Strategic Advertising Assistance

Great targeting is only a fraction of what goes into a great Facebook campaign. Poetica Marketing takes the heavy lifting out of the equation to deliver incredible results. Contact us today to learn how we can help! 


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