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August 30, 2019

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Free Keyword Tools Perfect for Blogging (and Boosting Site SEO for Small and Medium Businesses)

November 26, 2018

Here's a fun fact for small businesses (and if you're larger, pay close attention): Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads. 


That stat comes to us from TechClient, and it's nothing to shrug off. Having a blog could more than double the number of leads coming through your virtual doors. 


How? It's a complex answer.


Part of it is emotional. A blog establishes authority, reliability, and trustworthiness—all of which create desire to do business with you


The other part of it is simple search engine optimization. In other words, the keywords you use in your blog are seen by search engine spiders, which then index your site on the search results. How high you rank on those search results depends on your optimization. 


When it comes to small business search engine optimization (or any other sized business, for that matter), keywords are invaluable. 


You need to strike an artful balance between your writing quality, the search volume of the keywords you select, and the competition. If we're being honest, there are some keywords you may never rank for—there's just too much competition from bigger companies with bigger teams and bigger budgets. 


Selecting Keywords for Small Business Search Engine Optimization (and Medium Businesses, too!)

There are a variety of free keyword tools out there that businesses of any size can use to guide their content across entire websites. Here are a few that are the perfect price for small and medium businesses looking to improve site SEO. 


Moz: A Powerful, Mostly-Free Resource 

If you've never heard of Moz, here's all you need to know: Moz is huge inside the SEO world. To help content creators figure out what kind of keywords they should consider using in their web content, Moz created its Keyword Explorer


Enter a keyword, and Moz will present you with a handy dashboard. Here's the results we saw when we looked up "root beer": 

What we get is a collection of awesome data on the keyword's search volume, competition, and much, much more. As writers, however, one of the best parts is the keyword suggestions box, where we can see the search volume for related keywords—keywords that might be a better fit for our company blogs. 


While Moz has paid features, its free versions should suffice for small business SEO purposes. 


Ubersuggest: Lots of Detail from an SEO Wizard

Ubersuggest comes from Neil Patel, a genius when it comes to SEO on a budget. In fact, he once built an entire website with the sole purpose of proving it's possible to generate $100,000 a month in revenue in any industry within a single year. (Spoiler Alert: He made more than $120,000 in his 12th month.)


Again, we ran "root beer" through Ubersuggest to see what sort of results we got back:


Like Moz's Keyword Explorer, Ubersuggest provides a bunch of great data (this screenshot is only a small sample), and it also provides some insights into what you might be in for if you try to compete for traffic with paid ads. 


KWFinder: Gives You the Easiest Options for Ranking

Third, we have KWFinder, which promises to help you find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty—while also providing the resources to do much more. 


We fed "root beer" into KWFinder, and the application spit out some interesting results: 

KWFinder predicts how hard it'll be to rank for certain keywords and, like Ubersuggest, predicts how costly it would be to compete with paid ads. 


What really makes KWFinder stand out, however, is its analysis of how other sites are ranking for keywords. Take a look: 

Here, we see domain authority, page authority, citation flow (how influential a page is), and additional information. By studying the pages we admire, we can glean additional insights into how they managed to become high rankers—and apply that knowledge to our own business websites.  


Wrapping It All Up

When your site ranks well, the payoff compounds. As traffic comes in, people take note. They'll realize how helpful your content is—and then they'll share it. It's the greatest form of respect on the internet, and it can have a huge impact on the traffic that comes into your site. You'll be pulling in visitors from search engines and other websites. 


To accelerate that growth engine, you can work to gain backlinks from trusted websites


SEO Help for Your Business

Hesitant to tackle SEO for your small/medium business website? Poetica Marketing is here to help. Contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss strategies for improving your site presence. 






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