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August 30, 2019

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6 Creativity-Boosting Tricks for Writing

December 16, 2017

Some people seem to be blessed with creativity. Instead of groping for ideas, ideas seem to sprout from their pores, quickly spilling from notebooks into popular publications. But here's a little secret: Anyone can be creative.


Here’s how you can spark some creativity in your life:


1. Find your muse(s).

In The Magic of Thinking Big, Dr. David Schwartz espouses the value of collaborating with others. Having someone to bounce ideas off of is both invigorating and enlightening, as it exposes you to ideas in real-time that you may not have thought of on your own.


When you’re stuck in a rut, trying hashing out some ideas with a creative friend.


2. Keep a journal of ideas.

I dedicate the backs of my notebooks for jotting down ideas on the fly. If you can make a point of keeping your ideas in one location (which is admittedly harder than it sounds), you’ll develop an entire database of ideas. Go through this database regularly. Can any ideas be combined together? This database can be extremely valuable when building characters or scenes or even when you’re short on good blog ideas.


3. Meditate.

No, this doesn’t always require sitting cross-legged in a quiet room with your eyes closed; people meditate in different ways. For example: I get many of my best ideas while running. Find something you can do without thinking (like washing dishes or filling out a coloring book), and you’re wandering mind can come up with all sorts of ideas.


4. Let others do the heavy lifting for you.

Sometimes the hardest part of being a creative writer is coming up with the impetus for a story. But there are plenty of writing prompt websites out there, and many of them have great ideas. These will keep a steady flow of prompts coming your way, often faster than you can keep up.


5. Put together unlike things.

Create characters or plots by combining traits that don’t typically go together. A death-row inmate who enjoys flower arrangements. A car made of welded beer cans. A school where the average student is 75 years old. Come up with these ideas, then entertain them by writing about them. You don’t have to commit; the point is to play with something different than you’re used to.


6. Get learning.

Define learning however you want. You can go to a new amusement park, listen to an educational podcast, or read a cookbook. The more we know, the more we can create. Keep in mind the words of the author and professor Vladimir Nabokov: “The art of writing is a very futile business if it does not imply first of all the art of seeing the world as the potentiality of fiction.”


If you need a hand on your next creative project, bring in Poetica Marketing. With experience writing in nearly every discipline, you’ll receive exactly what you need.


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